Our firm was established in 1991 to manufacture and develop biochemistry kits and had its first R&D until 1992 on non-counterpart Beckman CX3 kits and succeeded on producing them, and started giving quality control by setting up an auto-analyzer in our R&D labs. In the following years we managed to keep up with the scientific literature and R&D on this specific field, and successfully managed to produce many of the common biochemistry kits that we use today. As a firm that believes in the values of business strongly, we managed to give our customers dynamic service throughout many years by establishing a technical service department first.


We also worked pretty hard to establish the departments below to give better and effective service to our customers;


#   Import & Export Department

#   Management Department

#   Bargaining Department

#   Quality Control Department

#   Technical Service Department

#   Production Department


v     We managed  to give our customers the best service throughout 26 years of effective service, kept gaining more knowledge, followed domestic and foreign scientific fairs to make new relations with the rest of the world and kept producing more and more new, state of the art kits. By doing all this we gained experience that will lead us stronger in the future.


v     In present days Bioactive Chemistry, still follows todays science, keeps making new connections, and still researches new oppurtunities and is being recognized throughout Turkey and the rest of the world.


v     In the future our firm will continue to research new fields and develop newer kits to invest in this field by our effective services.


Our field is mainly ;


#   ISE(Electrolyte solutions) for all kinds of analyzers

#   ISE calibrators for all kinds of analyzers

#   Wash solutions and concentrations for all kinds of analyzers 

#   Diluent solutions for all kinds of analyzers

#   Buffer solutions for all kinds of analyzers 

#   All liquid biochemistry kits


   Our firm has 25 years of experience on producing diagnostic products. If you want to work with a firm that guarantees full support, endurance  and trust we are here anytime.


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